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Arizona Association of Health Plans


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AZ Workforce Development Alliance - ACC, ACC-RBHA

AZ Workforce Development Alliance - ALTCS

AZ Workforce Development Alliance – DD

AZ Workforce Development Coalition

About Us

The members of the Arizona Association of Health Plans (AzAHP) are the companies that provide health care services to more than two million Arizonans enrolled in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

We are the private half of the public-private partnership model that makes AHCCCS one of the most successful Medicaid managed care programs in the United States. The AHCCCS program works – and protects taxpayer dollars – because of our ability to effectively leverage the private sector to offer AHCCCS members high-quality care from more than 90,000 Arizona healthcare providers.

AzAHP makes it easier for providers to join a health plan network through the Credentialing Alliance. We supply assistance, training and resources to enhance the workforce across all lines of business which can be seen in our various Alliances: AZ Workforce Development Alliance – ACC, ACC-RBHA  (AWFDA -ACC, ACC-RBHA),  AZ Workforce Development Alliance – ALTCS (AWFDA -ALTCS),  AZ Workforce Development Alliance – DD (AWFDA – DD), AZ Workforce Development Alliance – DCS CHP (AWFDA – DCS CHP), and the AZ Workforce Development Coalition (AWFDC).