Report from the ACOM 407 Attachment A Requirement Survey coming in 2022!

Collaborative Strategic Model

The Strategic Goals set forth here will serve as a compass for ALTCS AWFDA (Banner – University Family Care, Department of Economic Security, Mercy Care, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan) across the state of Arizona.

Why a collaborative model for Arizona?

There are a variety of good public and private efforts underway to improve the Arizona 5 C’s of WFD.  The challenge with these efforts it that they often function in isolation and diminish the overall impact to the industry.  The magnitude of the workforce challenges facing the AZ long-term care sector requires multiple stake holders to work together for meaningful and sustainable impact.

Strategic Goals

1. Resource Development

Build the infrastructure and processes for this website to be a fundamental resource landing page for provider agencies and industry leaders.

2. Host An Open House

Combine resources to host an Open House to connect incoming Direct Caregiver workforce to industry agencies and assist with placement in the community.

3. Master Facilitator Training

Offer a Master Facilitator Training for Caregiver trainers to improve the training experience for Direct Caregivers and enhance the facilitation skills of all trainers of the Direct Caregiver curriculum.

4. Caregiver Campaign

Together, we will launch a unified awareness campaign for Caregivers in the state of Arizona providing resources for this specific workforce.

5. Caregiver Career Pathways

As a united group, we will identify and promote existing advancement opportunities and create new career pathways that include ladders, lattices, and development of new positions.

6. Direct Caregiver Survey

We value experience of Caregivers and will continue to recognize the unique voice of the Direct Caregiver workforce by disseminating the Direct Caregiver Survey to evaluate process and impact.

7. Provider Metrics Survey

To reduce provider burden, we will collaborate across all LOBs to gather the data needed to meet the requirements of ACOM 407 in a single ACOM Provider Metrics Survey.