Abuse and Neglect

Information, Resources & Requirements

Governor’s Abuse & Neglect Prevention Task Force

The Governor’s Abuse & Neglect Prevention Task Force convened in response to Executive Order 2019-03 Relating to Enhanced Protections for Individuals with Disabilities, to ensure the health and safety of Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens. The Task Force examined a broad range of concerns and opportunities aimed at enhancing the prevention of abuse and neglect.

In an effort to continue the states efforts and bring awareness in the state of Arizona, the WFD Coalition continues to work with community partners to help provider agencies adhere to the requirements and efforts of the state.

Training Programs and Practice Requirements


Resources and training programs to assist professionals and family caregivers prevent and manage stress and burnout

Training for all personnel in the prevention and detection of all forms of abuse and neglect, and

Routine exercises and drills to test the reactions of staff to simulated conditions where abuse and neglect could potentially occur are incorporated into the providers ongoing workforce staff training and development plan.

Signage Requirements

 Signage on how to report abuse, neglect, and exploitation should be prominently posted in all settings in which vulnerable individuals reside and/or receive services.