Moving Our System Forward

From Compliance to Competence


High-performing organizations know that their success depends on their team. They know that they need to train that team to meet the specific demands of their organization.

We empower you to develop role-specific competencies for your team members, and create tools that assess and document an individual’s ability to fill those roles. Competencies, when they are properly designed, translate your organization’s vision into employee behaviors that meet those goals.

Changing the Five C’s

Earning Worker Committment

Cultivating a workforce that is engaged in your efforts to develop a stronger, more connected team

Aligning Workplace Culture

Developing a shared vision of the integrated healthcare process from a member’s perspective – including philosophy, experience, and delivery


Establishing Workplace Connectivity

Increasing communication, collaboration, and innovation with internal and external customers to promote better healthcare outcomes

Developing Worker Capability

Building employees’ skills through a continuous, transforming system of training for competency, evaluation, and development


Building Workforce Capacity

Ensuring a sufficient workforce to meet patients’ needs, planning ahead to identify future demands and possibilities