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The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) Workforce Development Vision is for Arizona’s contracted healthcare workforces to be as interpersonally, culturally, clinically, and technically competent as possible. The state is shifting from a training and compliance-based policy to a comprehensive, competency-based policy that ensures we address all aspects of workforce development.

To align with this vision, all contracted behavioral health providers must submit an annual Provider Workforce Development Plan (P-WFDP), on a timeline established by the
ACC/RHBA AzAHP Workforce Development Alliance.

The P-WFDP must describe the goals, objectives, tasks, and timelines that will move a provider from compliance to competency and develop the agency’s workforce. All training initiatives, action steps, and monitoring procedures outlined in the P-WFDP must include targeted efforts for all employees and incorporate best practices at all levels of service delivery.

The Arizona Workforce Development Alliance’s P-WFDP template and additional resources are included below.

For technical assistance, contact the ACC/RHBA AWFDA through the “Contact Us” link above.

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