AHCCCS Workforce Development Vision is for Arizona’s contracted healthcare workforces to be as interpersonally, culturally, clinically and technically competent as possible. The state is shifting from a training requirements-based-policy, to a comprehensive competency-based policy to ensure that all aspects of Workforce Development are being addressed.

To demonstrate that the provider network is participating in this shift, all contracted Behavioral Health providers are required to submit both an annual Workforce Development Plan (WFDP) and an annual update to their plan. The deliverable due dates will be communicated by the Workforce Development Alliance.

The WFDP shall describe the goals, objectives, tasks, and timelines to develop the workforce within your agency. All training initiatives, action steps and monitoring procedures outlined in the WFDP are to include targeted efforts for all employees, and shall incorporate best practices at all levels of service delivery utilizing the following practices: es

The Workforce Development Alliance has developed a template for the WFDP, which is available under the Resources tab, or by clicking here. You may request technical assistance by contacting the Workforce Development Alliance at, or reaching out to one of the contracted ACC Health Plan WFD Administrators.