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Providing a single learning management system for Organizations in the state of Arizona

The Arizona Association of Health Plans has contracted with Relias to provide a learning management system for providers in the state of Arizona. The Workforce Development Alliance has created two training plans for learners at provider agencies to complete to meet minimum training requirements. Providers also have additional functionality within their own Relias sites to do things such as create modules and/or training plans related to additional requirements. For additional Relias Platform Support, please use the following resources:

Relias Connect

Relias Connect can be accessed through your Relias portal, and is your resource for all Relias related questions and support resources. The Relias Connect option will appear on the left-hand menu. You must be logged in to your Relias site in order to have access to Relias Connect.

Relias Connect Offers:

  • How to Manual
  • On Demand Video Tutorials
  • Admin Support Webinars
  • Online Chat