Caregiver Career Pathway

What is The Caregiver Career Pathway (CCP)?

A technology that uses an interactive “map” to illustrate the various paths that, starting as a Direct Caregiver, an individual can take to gain the required experience, skills, and credentials needed for a lifelong career in AZ’s Healthcare system.

Why is CCP important?

The more information one has about the requirements of a specific career area, before applying for a job, the better they are able to make informed career choices.

Incorporating a testing and survey feature into the CCP is an important component for a caregiving job seeker that is developing a workforce identity because it creates the opportunity for individuals to self-assess by examining strength and weaknesses to ensure they are in alignment with their career goals.

Participating in pre-hire education, assessment, and decision-making strengthens worker commitment and improves retention during the most vital stages of employment (0-60 days).

National surveys indicate that workers are unaware of the potential opportunities that Caregiving can bring for their future career path in Healthcare.

By increasing awareness and providing resources and information, we improve the chances of attracting individuals who are starting, changing or extending their careers; thus, growing our pool of committed workers.

Caregiver Career Pathway enables users to:

What does the Caregiver Pathway do?


Envision Healthcare jobs matching their career interests.

Plan the steps needed to obtain the education, experience and expertise required to further their development.

Connecting to the process used by providers to apply for a Healthcare job.

Choose the sequence of jobs to achieve short and long-term career goals and objectives.

Connect the user to the testing and education resources needed to get the training and certifications that are required.

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